5 Frugal Gifts on Cheap Mom’s Christmas Wish List

5 Frugal Gifts on Cheap Mom’s Christmas Wish List

This week I started getting a lot of requests for my Christmas list.  We don’t need for much in our house, but a list has been required.  So, I thought I would share with you 5 items on my wish list that appeal to my cheap side.

Dear Santa,

It’s me again!  I have been a very good girl this year and I hope I’m on your good list.  Did you like the cookies and carrots I left for you and your reindeer last year?

This is what I’d like for Christmas this year:

Hair Cutting Tools

I’ve started to cut our family’s hair this year.  I got a pair of scissors with my cheap clipper set, but the scissors it came with aren’t very sharp.  I’ve had trouble trimming the little hairs around my husband’s ears.  I’ve also found the dull scissors just push the Little Miss’ bangs to the side, so it’s hard to cut them straight.

So I would like a pair of sharp scissors (Canadian link) please Santa.

I’d also like a pair of thinning shears (Canadian link) so that I can remove any bowl-like lines I make on my husband’s head.  Thanks!

Another Clothes Drying Rack

Santa, we’ve decided to see if we could go without using our electric dryer.  We bought one drying rack and are making due for now.  I think we could benefit by having more drying space inside.

My parents’ have a rack like in the picture and I think it would be easier for clothes that will end up hanging any way.

A Second Coupler Attachment For Our Bike Trailer

We bought the Little Miss a bike trailer for her birthday and she loves going on long rides with Daddy!

It’s attached to his bike now, but I would like it to be quick and easy to switch it over to mine whenever the opportunity comes up to do an errand by bike in the day instead of taking the car.

I found this coupler attachment (Canadian link) and I think it would work with our generic bike carrier.

Ratcheting Screwdriver

We’ve worn out our old ratcheting screwdriver and have been using our regular screwdriver from the IKEA tool kit I bought when I first moved out.  It has been getting the job done, but I do miss the ratcheting feature when I’m screwing something in an awkward position.

This ratcheting screwdriver (Canadian link to similar screwdriver) even stores the bits when you’re not using them. It’s a much more elegant set up than our plastic bag of bits and screws.

I think a screwdriver like this would make some of our DIY projects a much more pleasant job.

Stuff To Stay Warm in a Cold House

I understand that climate change is directly affecting your home at the North Pole Santa and I’d like to help you out a little bit.

We’ve been dropping our thermostat over the last few years.  While I’ve mostly acclimatized to the drop in temperature, sometimes I do feel cold in our house.  Instead of heating up the whole house, I’d like to be able to just heat ME up.

So, I would like some fuzzy slippers in a big and comfy size to keep my feet warm.

i would also like to try using an electric blanket . (Canadian link)  I remember we had one when I was little and I remember it being really snuggly.  Even though it would use electricity, I think it would use less energy than heating the whole house.

A Cell Phone


A couple weeks ago I gave the Little Miss my phone to watch YouTube videos while we drove to playgroup.  I haven’t seen it since.  I had been hoping it would turn up at the bottom of my phone like usual, but I’ve started to give up hope.

As you know, we don’t have a home phone any more, so having no cell phone has made it more difficult than usual to get in touch with me.

There are plenty of different cell phones out there.  (Canadian link)  I don’t need anything expensive, because as you’ve just heard, I don’t take good care of my things.

What About You?

What’s on your wish list this year?

Do you usually splurge at Christmas?

What’s the most frugal gift you’ve even received?

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What do you think?

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