Early Christmas Presents for Simple Cheap Mom

A couple weeks ago I posted five frugal gifts that were on my Christmas wish list.

Well, Christmas has come early for me and in a very cheap kind of way.

My last post on whether to pay off your mortgage or invest was a bit heavy, so I’m hoping this one will lighten the mood around here.

First: A New Cell Phone

You may recall that I lost my phone sometime back in October.  My fear was that it had fallen on the road when I got out of my car at a play group.  

Being phone-less renewed the discussion at home about the cheapest cell phone plans and my need for a data plan.

As the phone-less days dragged on for a month, I came to the conclusion that if I could go that long without a phone, I would probably be okay to go without data.  Mystery solved.

When we have our next emergency that ties up the cell network and (coincidentally) knocks out power and internet, I’ll just keep sending texts until one gets through.  It couldn’t be any less frustrating than it was trying to get through using data!
 Just when I was going to break down at get a new sim card to put in an old phone, I got a message on Facebook that my phone had been found!

It was in a bag of winter boots that I had passed along to another mom because they were too small for Little Miss.  As soon as she said where the phone was, I could remember putting it in the bag for safe keeping while we spilled out of the car.

After another month of sick kids and mommy brain, I can proudly say that my phone is finally back in my purse!

I guess now I should charge it again?  I’ve forgotten how to use these phones…

If any of my loved ones are reading this, you can strike “cell phone” off my list.  (I think you all know about the blog now, but I’d be very impressed if any of you are actually reading this.  Hi!)

Second: A Second Laundry Drying Rack

The house across the street has sold and the neighbour moved out this week.  So, I wasn’t surprised when I saw a big heap of garbage in front of their house on garbage day.

I think you can see where this is going.

Our new wardrobe rack

Towering over the garbage pile was a wardrobe rack.  We’ve decided to stop using our dryer this fall and with only one clothes rack have had stuff hanging from the bathroom curtain rod and door frames trying to spread out the load.

I slipped on my boots and ran across the street without any extra winter gear on to get it.  The metal rack was freezing to touch with my bare hands, but it was worth it!

Right now it’s setup in our entry way with our coats hanging on it so I can figure out our storage/clutter problem at the front door.  But soon it’ll be setup in the basement or the spare room to give us more sweet, sweet drying space.

I’m not one to go out scavenging, even though I’m sure there are some great finds out there.  But if there’s something I need in good condition staring me in the face, I’m going to grab it!

Third: Ratcheting Screwdriver? Please???

Since I was already out there for that “something in good condition staring me in the face” I scanned the rest of the pile.  There was a bag on top that was open and I could see a screwdriver and some cleaning supplies inside.  I was too cold to think, so I snatched it up.
I did put cheap in my blog title.  You had to expect something like this to come up.

I must have looked pretty funny trying to push the drying rack across with the street with as little skin contact as possible while carrying a garbage bag.  You’re welcome neighbours.  This Christmas I’ve given you the gift of being able to look down on your neighbours and feel better about yourself!

I waited to look inside the bag until I was writing this post.  Will there be a ratcheting screw driver?  Can I knock three out of five items off my list?  Please?  Please?  Please?

Ones man’s trash….

I got a little excited when I saw the blue screwdriver.  But of the 5 screwdrivers, none were ratcheting.

There were some bonus items in there though: a bubble gun, a funnel, some putty knives and a Pampered Chef flipper.


Living on half of our single income has been the most powerful tool for our finances.  We have learned to consider our purchases more and to be more creative to solve a problem before mindlessly buying something we think we need.

Not buying stuff immediately also opens up the opportunity for others to share with you.  We have been very fortunate to have received many generous gifts lately, and we’ve tried to pay it forward as best we can.

Chances are you will still be able to live within your means without having to go picking through garbage piles.  We certainly can.  But it was kind of exciting.

Stick to my 3 Simple Rules and you’ll do fine! 

What About You?

Have you ever garbage picked? What was your best find?

Have you got any early Christmas gifts?

Can we still be friends?

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