BOB Books Reading Levels (NEW Lexile levels)

bob books beginning readers set 1 & 2 Level

Our family is using bob books photo books to help our daughter learn to read.  After finishing Set 1, I thought I’d like to flip through our children’s book library to find some other books that she would be able to tackle next.  I found that even the books I thought of as simple still used many phonics rules that our daughter had not been exposed to yet.

which bob books to start with ?

We ended up confidently buying bob books set 2 advancing beginners with the plans to also buy bob books complete set to get her exposed to the different phonics rules in the systematic way that she is currently enjoying.

In an effort to find books at our daughter’s level and to scratch my spreadsheet creating itch, I ended up making a huge spreadsheet of our kid’s book library including reading levels using Fountas and Pinnell and Lexile scores.

The spreadsheet ended up not being very useful because

  1. the two scores often contradicted each other and
  2. most of the books with lower scores weren’t decodable.

So I was disappointed.  Until I saw that Lexile is providing more information for early readers (books <650L).  Now I could add more data to my spreadsheet!  More spreadsheeting!

When I added the extra information to my spreadsheet I was able to see that my daughter had only been reading books with a decoding score of 1.  I was also able to see that even easy books like Hop on Pop by Dr. Seuss had a decoding score of 2.  An easy favourite Mo Willems book scored a 3.  I was also able to see that Green Eggs and Ham and Put Me in the Zoo both had decoding scores of 1 even though they looked longer and more complicated.

I found the Lexile levels for our books using their Look Up a Book Feature.

Here are the new reading levels for Bob Books Set 1-5 with the extra Lexile information.

(I got the Fountas & Pinnell scores from the chart on the Bob Books website.)

teaching reading with bob books

TitleFountas & PinnellLexileStructureSyntacticSemanticDecoding
Bob 1:01 Mat A-901111
Bob 1:02 Sam A-401111
Bob 1:03 Dot B401111
Bob 1:04 Mac B202111
Bob 1:05 Dot and Mit B04211
Bob 1:06 Dot and the Dog C402211
Bob 1:07 Jig and Mag C-103121
Bob 1:08 Muff and Ruff C2305361
Bob 1:09 10 Cut-Ups B1105161
Bob 1:10 Peg and Ted B205211
Bob 1:11 Lad and the Fat Cat B1105221
Bob 1:12 The Vet C1205231
Bob 2:01 Fun in the SunC1404311
Bob 2:02 Up, Pup!E306161
Bob 2:03 Pip and PogD1005221
Bob 2:04 Bow-Wow!D1304121
Bob 2:05 The Big HatC404211
Bob 2:06 Sox the FoxD1404311
Bob 2:07 OK, KidsD1405221
Bob 2:08 Rub-a-DubD1303221
Bob 2:09 Go, BusC903211
Bob 2:10 The Red Hen C1204211
Bob 2:11 The Sad CatC802211
Bob 2:12 0 to 10D1208251
Bob 3:01 Floppy Mop D1605221
Bob 3:02 Lolly Pops E1904255
Bob 3:03 Frogs E2206312
Bob 3:04 The Red CarE2105342
Bob 3:05 Summer D1704311
Bob 3:06 Kittens F1905421
Bob 3:07 Funny BunnyF3106362
Bob 3:08 Bed Bugs F2006322
Bob 4:01 Ten MenE1204221
Bob 4:02 Bump! F10012710
Bob 4:03 Cat and Mouse F1105222
Bob 4:04 The Swimmers G2805431
Bob 4:05 Samantha G2706425
Bob 4:06 Willy’s Wish G3206423
Bob 4:07 Jumper and the Clown F3206424
Bob 4:08 Max and the Tom Cats G3807643
Bob 5:01 The Game G2305342
Bob 5:02 Joe’s Toe G3506363
Bob 5:03 Bud’s Nap G2704334
Bob 5:04 The Picnic H3206343
Bob 5:05 The Train H4708653
Bob 5:06 The Visit I3908454
Bob 5:07 Chickens G3304545
Bob 5:08 The King I4107662

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This new information will make it much easier for me to pre-screen books to find skill appropriate decodable books for our daughter until she’s confident enough that she starts tackling any book she wants to read.

What do you think?

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