Cheap Places to Take Your Kids: IKEA $1 Breakfast

If you’re fortunate to live around an IKEA and have small kids, you’ve got a great opportunity for a cheap outing.  It’s not the healthiest meal option out there, but I’ll be honest with you: I don’t always eat healthy food.  Surprise!

Today the Little Miss and I met with our friends at the local IKEA for its $1 breakfast.  It’s an outing we’ve taken up on the regular after the family swim slot was changed to nap time at the most convenient pool.  It’s nice to have a family friendly place to go to meet friends that don’t bust the budget.

How Cheap is Breakfast at IKEA?

Sausages, eggs, homefries and a coffee: $1.00
Eggs, pancakes and a milk: $1.50
Total: $2.50 plus tax
That’s $1.25 per person plus tax!  Not bad for a restaurant!

Everything You Need To Know About the IKEA $1 Breakfast

  • Breakfast stops being served at 11 am
  • The restaurant opens half an hour earlier than the store
  • Coffee and tea are free until the store opens
  • With an IKEA family card, you get free coffee and tea on weekdays all day
  • French toast, pancakes, bacon, beans, fruit bowls, yogurt, etc. are all available for an extra charge.  But if you’re still hungry, why not get a full second $1 breakfast?
  • Kids like the home fries, so be prepared to have to share.

What’s So Great About IKEA with Kids?

  1. The restaurant is cafeteria style, so there’s no waiting to be seated, no waiting for someone to take your order, no waiting for your food, no waiting for your bill, and no waiting for your credit card to come back after you pay.  
  2. IKEA provides high chairs, booster seats, disposable bibs, plastic utensils, plastic plates and cups.
  3. There’s big windows with ledges your kids can climb into and look at all the cars driving around
  4. When you’re done eating, your kids can play in the octagons with beads on wires, spinny toys and distorted mirrors while you drink your second free coffee with your grown up friends on the stools around the play zone
  5. When the kids get tired of playing in the octagon, you can take them to the toy zone where they can play with train sets, carpentry tools, kitchen sets, tents, spinning egg chairs, and the other kids whose parents brought them there to play too.
  6. If you have a big enough kids you can check your kids into the playzone to shop or relax without kids.  I can’t wait for Little Miss to get bigger.

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