Interviewed by Debt Discipline

Did you ever want to know more about Simple Cheap Mom?  Well it’s your lucky day.  Today I was interviewed over at Debt Discipline.

The Debt Discipline blog follows a family who has recently finished paying off over $100,000 of debt.  They’re now shifting their focus to building their wealth and it’s very inspirational and exciting.

I’m honoured to be included on the site.  Here’s the link for my interview.

If you’re a new reader who’s visiting from Debt Discipline, welcome!  I’m very happy to have you here.

How’s the No Eating Out For January Challenge Going?

We’ve had some excitement at our house this week.  The Mr. and I had a pretty nasty cold.  The kind where you stay up until 5am because you threw out the cold medicine that had expired and you can’t sleep.  Luckily I had The Gilmore Girls to keep me company.  Watching it first as a 16 year old girl and then again as a 30 year old mom was a pretty enlightening experience.

Being sick meant that our No Eating Out in January Challenge actually became challenging.  We had to cancel on family dinner and didn’t have a meal planned.  We were exhausted and didn’t feel like cooking.  Plus, I swear that if I could have just bought one donut I would have been instantly healed.

But, I’m happy to say we made it through the tough patch.  I’m grateful for the Little Miss for suggesting toast for dinner one night.  I love you sweetie and your limited vocabulary.

The No Eating Out Challenge meant that we had to make something to eat at home.  The option for take out just wasn’t there.

What About You?

Has anyone else been sick lately?

What’s your go to meal when you’re just not into cooking?
Any Gilmore Girls fans?
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What do you think?

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