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    Cutting Difficult Expenses: I’ll Miss You Data Plan

    I’m an unabashed fan of budgeting, tracking your spending, cutting unnecessary costs, and focusing on spending your money on how you actually want. (Exhibit 1: Our Family Budget.  Exhibit 2: My Money Rules) I love finding new ways to make our money stretch further so we can reach the financial goals that motivate us. I […] More

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    January No Eating Out Challenge

    I’ve mentioned a few times that if we don’t stick to our budget then we’ll just eat out all the time.  It’s our weakness.  We always come back to eating out. I know cooking everything from scratch is cheaper and healthier and I’m jealous of you readers that can get ‘er done day after day. […] More

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    Interviewed by Debt Discipline

    Did you ever want to know more about Simple Cheap Mom?  Well it’s your lucky day.  Today I was interviewed over at Debt Discipline. The Debt Discipline blog follows a family who has recently finished paying off over $100,000 of debt.  They’re now shifting their focus to building their wealth and it’s very inspirational and […] More

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    50% Savings Rate Challenge Accepted

    One of the questions I’ve asked myself since starting this site is how much of our personal finances I’m prepared to share with the world.  Does it actually add to the conversation if I share our budget, incomes, spending, debt levels, and net worth? One of the financial goals that I have decided to share […] More

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    The No-Electric Dryer: Part 1

    We’ve been a machine wash and dry family.  We have a small hanger with clips that we use to dry bras (previously diaper covers) but we’ve been reluctant to take the plunge and start hanging entire loads. We tried drying a load of cloth diapers outside once.  They were still wet after 24 hours, so […] More

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    Surprise Energy Hogs: How We’re Lowering our Electrity Usage

    When I opened my last electric bill, I did an inside happy dance.  We had the lowest usage yet in the new house.  Our current month’s bill showed 20.22 kwh/day usage in the hottest month of the year down from 38.84 kwh/day in February.  I think I even bragged to my better half.  Our decision […] More