An Update from Ottawa

I had planned a post to publish today, but after everything that has happened in our city today, it just didn’t seem appropriate.

If you haven’t heard about the shootings today, I’ll add a link to the CBC live feed.  The reports have been changing as the day has gone on, and I’m not a reporter, so I don’t want to be the one to give out details on today.

Today has been and still is a scary day in Ottawa.

My husband works down town and has been under lock down all day.  He was under lock down last week as well, but a wife doesn’t worry about baby powder in an envelope as much as a gun man on the loose.  
Just as I was getting caught up with the news and watching the scene of the shooting from inside Parliament Hill the power went out.  
I had been on Google Hangouts with my husband and things had seemed as relaxed as could be hoped for in the situation.  With the power out, my internet was gone.  
I became very grateful that I had not ditched my data plan.  Over the next hour as I was locking the doors and filling the bathtub I tried sending texts and phoning my husband.  Every 20 minutes or so a message would get through.  
The power was only out for less than two hours, but I I’m still a bit shaky.  Realistically I knew my husband was safe in his building and that we were safe in our suburban home, but it’s a day that challenges the safety that we feel.

I started writing this post as soon as my power came back.  I just heard that my husband has been allowed to come home.  I’m very grateful that I’ll be able to give him a big hug soon.

It’s days like these that bring some perspective.  My thoughts are with all the families who have been affected by today’s events.

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