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    Early Retirement Extreme isn’t Our Goal

    I wanted to share a story I read this week on Dividend Mantra that stuck in my head. Dividend Mantra was given the opportunity to speak at 2015 Chautauqua.  It’s a personal finance getaway down in the Equator with speakers like Mr. Money Mustache and James Collins. This is an amazing offer. What’s even more […] More

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    It Feels Good to be back on Tracking

    Back in December, we decided to use GNUCash to track our finances. It’s a free open source program and you can see how we decided to use GNUCash here. As part of the MoneyStepper Savings Challenge, we’ve committed to calculating our monthly net worth increases and savings rates using a special worksheet. The results for […] More

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    Signup for SwagBucks to Make Money Online

    WARNING The following is an unveiled attempt to get you to sign up for Swagbucks with my referral link.  Other than being a user, I am not connected with Swagbucks in any way.  I have received no compensation for this post.  But, if you sign up for Swagbucks using my “Refer Friends” link, I will […] More

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    2015 Budget for a Family with a Toddler

    Personally I love budgets.  I love planning.  I love math.  I love setting little challenges for our family and tracking our success. Maybe you’re one of those baffling to me people who live without a budget. Some people are so good with the money that they can manage their spending without one.  Some people just […] More

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    This is NOT Another Comparison of Budgeting Apps

    When I shared that we’ve signed up for the MoneyStepper Savings Challenge, I let you all know that we’d be picking a new budgeting tool for 2015. Our latest system involves a spreadsheet that only tracks “high risk” budget categories and it’s been driving me nuts that we’re not tracking our full financial picture. I […] More

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    Be Confident Managing Your Money With These Three Simple Rules

    Be Confident Managing Your Money With These Three Simple Rules Trying to pay off debt, save for big purchases, and plan for your future all at once can be overwhelming.  With so many different strategies out there, It can be tough to even figure out where to start.  It’s easy to get discouraged. It’s not […] More