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    5 Reasons To Consider Paying Off Your Mortgage

    Much of personal finance is common sense.  We know we should spend less than we make.  We know we should avoid credit card debts. But there are some choices that we needa to make that aren’t so clear.  Whether to use extra money to pay off your mortgage or to invest in one of those […] More

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    Guess How Much We Cut Our Electricity Bill

    I’ve tried to reduce our energy bill before by making the changes everyone suggests. I started doing my laundry and dishes at night and I turned off the lights in rooms we weren’t using. No matter how hard I thought I was trying, there never seemed to be any difference to my monthly bill. I […] More

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    Fast, Cheap and Easy Meal Ideas: Oatmeal Banana Cookies

    Basically these cookies turn into a meal at our house because we eat the whole batch.  So, I felt like they’d be a great first entry in my collection of Fast, Cheap and Easy Meal Ideas.  These cookies really satisfy my coffee and pastry breakfast cravings but don’t get sickening quick like a coffee and […] More

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    3 Canadians Who Can Increase Your Financial Literacy

    November is Financial Literacy Month in Canada. Before the month comes to an end, I wanted to highlight some of the Canadian* influences that have helped me on my financial literacy journey. A Thanksgiving of sorts. While Canadian readers may be familiar with the list, Americans and readers from around the world might see a […] More