You’ve probably had the thought, “There’s got to be a better way to do this,” at some point. Then you’ve come to the right place because we’re going to make your life a whole lot easier by showing you how to fix some of the things you’ve been doing incorrectly on a daily basis.

Our everyday items have been used incorrectly for the majority of our lives. We are about to correct that now.

No one could have predicted how useful a simple hack for your Starbucks cup could be! Lets Dive in

There Will Be No More Splash Back

In the morning, nothing beats a refreshing glass of orange juice, but pouring it can be a hassle due to the amount of juice that splashes all over the place. Pour with the spout at the top of the carton instead of the bottom, which will make less mess.

You’ll never go back to the old way of doing things again.

It Is Always Possible To Scoop Your Ice Cream

Ice cream is delicious, but it can be difficult to scoop out of the container because of how hard it becomes after being frozen. By placing the carton in a gallon bag, you can save yourself some time and enjoy your cone sooner.

This method will result in softer ice cream that is easier to scoop out.

Muss-free, Fuss-free


Whether you believe it or not, you’ve been using Chinese takeout cartons incorrectly for the majority of your life. Next time you order takeout, instead of breaking out the dinnerware, simply use the cartons as the manufacturers designed them to be used.

To make a plate, simply remove the wire handle from the carton and unfold the carton.

Be Sure To Use A Can Opener For Packages That Are Difficult To Open

That difficult clamshell packaging is almost enough to make the decision not to purchase something worthwhile. Next time, instead of almost cutting yourself with scissors or scraping up your fingers, open the package using a can opener.

An ordinary can opener does the job admirably. After you’ve finished reading this, you can thank us.

The Design Of Your Juicebox Has Handles


Lifting up the triangular tabs on the side of a juice box is something that every young kid does for enjoyment, but as an adult, you should be aware that there is a valid purpose for this practice. To hold the drink, the tabs on the side can also be used as a handle.

That means there will be no more juice squirting out of the straw by accident.

That Explains The Reason For That Hook

When you’re on a plane, that little hook near the food tray has a very specific function. You can hang your coat or sweater instead of placing them into the overhead bin (or picking them back up off the floor when they fall out).

This small trick will come in helpful at some point, so it’s a good thing you’re already aware of it.

The Perfect Coaster For Your Starbucks Drink Is The Lid


You know those hot summer days when you’re sitting on a terrace with the sun beating down on your shoulders? Yeah, those days. Even if you’re trying to enjoy your iced Starbucks beverage to cool off from the heat, those tiny beads of condensation are dripping down the edges of the cups and forming a massive puddle of water.

Because Starbucks employs a clever technique, their lids can be transformed into ideal coasters in seconds! Next time, give it a shot.

Starbucks lids are one thing, but what about that bizarre secret pocket in your underwear that you never seem to find?

Take A Look, Here Is The Cupcake Sandwich

You might believe that it’s impossible to eat a cupcake incorrectly, but consider the following: Approximately how many times do you make a messe with the frosting? Follow the procedures outlined in the image, and you’ll never go back to the old way of doing things.

Cupcakes were not the only food you’ve been consuming wrong for the majority of your life.

Learn To Bandage Like A Pro

If you don’t pay attention to what we were saying on the previous slide and cut your finger, at the very least you’ll learn how to properly bandage it.

Because of the joint, finger bandages might be difficult to apply; therefore, create an incision on either side of the bandage the next time to increase coverage and flexibility.

It’s Just So Bananas!

If you’ve ever been frustrated because your banana wouldn’t peel correctly, guess what? You’re not alone. You were doing wrong! Next time, try to open the banana from the bottom instead of the top.

Not only will it be easier to peel, but you will also be able to prevent making a section of the banana mushy while trying to open the banana.

Stick A Pin In It

If you’re continually frustrated by the fact that you have to adjust your bobby pins during the day because they ‘re slipping, there’s a cause for it: you’re using them incorrectly! When you’re pinning the bobby pins in place, make sure the ridged side is on the bottom.

There will be no more slippage after that.

Ketchup Can Never Be Too Much

Those tiny ketchup containers are terrible because they define the standard for how much ketchup is “just enough.” No. Two small bloops of ketchup from the dispenser are enough, and I don’t want to appear as if I’m insane by carrying 50 whole containers of ketchup on my plate.

One fry should be allowed each container, according to the guideline.

The Most Effective Approach To Eat More Chicken

For certain, the majority of chicken wings are consumed incorrectly, resulting in significant food waste.

Get extra bang for your money by cutting the central bone from the flapper the next time you do it!

Continue reading to find out what the tiny pocket in your underwear is for….

Spoon Is Not Included? That’s Ok

When have you ever had a strong desire for a tasty food yet found yourself without a spoon to properly consume it? Do not be concerned. You can simply make a spoon from the seal of your snack cup! Despite the fact that this tin-foil spoon appears ridiculous, it serves its intended purpose.

Ensure that the edges are smooth enough so that you don’t cut your lips is really the only thing you have to worry about.

Your Thoughts On A Penny

After reading this life hack, you may definitely say that your life has been transformed. When you figure out how to utilize AAA batteries in an AA battery slot, your life becomes way more easy. AAA batteries are identical to the little sibling who tries to reach the cookie cabinet but is unable to do so because he is too small.

In this scenario, the pennies represent the chair that he requires in order to fully appreciate the chocolate chip.

Break An Egg Like A Professional

Another thing that most people don’t do correctly is separate the yolks from the whites. When separating egg yolks from egg whites, instead of using the shell method, use this trick: take a clean water bottle and suck the yolk into the bottle to separate it.

You’ll use up a lot less egg whites if you do it this way.


When a person walks around with their zipper undone in public, it is one of the most embarrassing things that may happen to them. A decent friend will notify that person that they are flying low, but a BEST friend will not tell you because you think it is hilarious.

We can all agree that whatever trick that can be done to prevent this from happening is worthwhile.

Saving Lives Through Pen Cap Holes


Even while the tiny holes at the tops of pens may seem small and meaningless, they have the potential to save a life if used properly. The tiny hole in the top is actually there to prevent the item from being accidentally swallowed by the user.

Even if it is swallowed inside your body, the hole will allow fluids and air to pass through it.

Soda Storage

This one isn’t going to revolutionize your life, but it will save you time by preventing you from wasting time unloading beer or soda cans into your refrigerator.

Simply open the box from both ends, push the cans out while simultaneously pulling the box forward, and you’ll be well on your way to enjoying carbonated sweetness much sooner.

A Lot Of The Time, Dryer Sheets Are Your Best Friend


Dryer sheets are the real heroes of your workweek, and they deserve to be recognized. For starters, they keep your hair from frizzing up without weighing it down with excessive product. Keep a little box of sheets in your purse, or push a sheet into the end of your hairbrush and you’ll be frizz-free for the rest of your life.

What else are dryer sheets capable of? Everything. Do your shoes have a terrible odor? Place a dryer sheet overnight. Do you have a greasy pan that you can’t seem to get clean? Simply soak the pan in water and a dryer sheet and wipe it clean. Users on the internet have even claimed that dryer sheets are the most effective technique to remove dead bugs from your vehicle.

An Iron For The Collar

When it comes to ironing clothing, it is extremely inconvenient and takes an inordinate amount of time to do it properly. Everyone can get behind any life hack that can help them troubleshoot the process. Using a hair straightener as a collar iron is an insanely effective technique.

The collar of a shirt is frequently overlooked, despite the fact that it can harm the sharpness of an outfit. This is how you should handle it.

Earbuds Wrong

You can actually wear earbuds in all sorts of strange ways. But Since you often find yourself dropping your earphones while listening to music, we’ve come up with a solution: loop the earbud over the top and just insert it in the bottom before putting it in your ear.

From now on, you will be able to listen to the songs without interruption.

Use Only The Correct Key From Now On


Rather of having a new key cut with a different design or style, you can use nail polish to paint the tops of the keys you currently have. Along with bringing some personality to your keychain, this method eliminates the need to search through six different round silver keys. If you have a key that you need to find in the dark, you can take this hack one step further by painting it with glow in the dark nail polish.

Wine glasses can be distinguished from one another by painting a ring around each stem with nail polish, and phone chargers can be distinguished from one another so that they are never lost again.

Iced Coffee

With iced coffee, if you don’t drink it within 20 minutes, it will be mostly water, or at the very least watered down significantly. In order to avoid this, pour the coffee into an ice tray and place it in the freezer. This will prevent you from getting watered down iced coffee.

If you’ve ever enjoyed making iced coffee at home instead of paying $12 at a Starbucks, you’ll find this to be a revolutionary trick.

You’ll Never Have To Worry About Your Cords Unplugging Again

This hack is so easy and straightforward that we’re not sure how we could have missed it the first time around. If you just weave the cord and its extension cord together in this manner, it will prevent them from coming undone in the case that someone trips over it or tugs on it.

Here is all the information we have at this time. Thank you for your time.