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Why were cornflakes invented

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Cornflakes are a familiar breakfast cereal, and whether you love Tesco own-brand or the original, there’s no denying that Kellogg’s is where it all started. However, the circumstances surrounding the invention of cornflakes are, well, unusual! So, once and for all, we’re here to explain why cornflakes were made

Who invented Corn Flakes?

John Harvey Kellogg was born in the state of Michigan in the year 1852. His father was a prominent member of the Seventh-day Adventist church and a generous donor, and the Kelloggs were all devout followers of the faith. They didn’t need to send their children to school because they believed the Second Coming of Christ would happen soon, therefore John Harvey Kellog only went to school for three years. From the age of 12, he worked as a proofreader for a church leader who primarily wrote about her health views, such as the benefits of a vegetarian diet!

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Source: History.com

Kellogg began his career as a teacher at the age of 16, and at the age of 20, he completed a teacher training program. He then studied a six-month medical course with his siblings in order to build a group of trained doctors for the church. Kellogg then went on to study medicine in a real medical school, earning his medical degree in 1875.

He became the director of the Western Health Reform Institute a year later, renaming it Battle Creek Medical Surgical Sanitarium. The sanitarium was run according to the health beliefs of the Seventh-Day Adventists, which included a plant-based diet, abstention from alcohol and cigarettes, and a regular exercise regimen.

He married Ella Ervilla Eaton in 1879. The couple did not have any biological children and slept in separate bedrooms, but they adopted and fostered 42 children!

Kellogg supported the union of science and the Bible throughout his career, although this was at a period when the two were sliding further apart.

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