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How To Get Rid Of Ants

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How Do You Get Rid Of Pharaoh Ants

Pharaoh Ants Are One Of The Most Numerous Ant Species. They Can Easily Infiltrate Any Structure, From Office Properties To Hospitals To Your Local Grocery Store.

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They Come In A Variety Of Colors, Ranging From Light Tan To Reddish Brown. They Breed A Lot, Especially Since There Is Usually More Than One Queen In A Colony. One Of The Most Common Issues Encountered When Attempting To Eradicate This Pest Is The Presence Of Satellite Nests.

They, Like Other Ant Species, Feed On Sweet Foods, But They Are Not Picky About Where They Feed And Will Eat Whatever Is Available.

Pharaoh Ants Are Tropical Species, But They Can Be Found All Over The Usa  Because Most Homes Have Central Heating. These Tiny Creatures Must Not Be Overlooked.

Pharaoh Ant Treatment Can Be Done In Two Ways: Baiting And Spraying. We’ll Go Over Both In More Detail Below.

Method 1 :Pharaoh Ant Bait

Baiting Pharaoh Ants Is A Very Effective Way Of Destroying Their Nests. This Is Due To Two Factors:

  • Pharaoh Ants Are Drawn To The Bait, Which Contains Chemicals That Will Kill Them In A Matter Of Hours.
  • When The Pharaoh Ants Return The Bait To The Nest, The Queen Can Consume It And Die As A Result. The Entire Colony Will Perish As A Result Of This.
  • Place Your Ant Bait Traps In Areas Where Pharaoh Ants Are Known To Forage For Food. You Should Also Keep An Eye On Your Bait And Replace It Every Few Days If Supplies Appear To Be Running Low.

Choosing The Appropriate Bait

If You Want To Get Rid Of Your Ant Problem On The First Try, You Must Use The Right Type Of Bait. Not Only Must You Ensure That The Pharaoh Ants Are Attracted To It, But You Must Also Ensure That They Do Not Die Before Returning The Bait To Their Nest. Here Are A Few Tips To Help You Select The Best Type Of Pharaoh Ant Bait:

  • Use A Slow-Acting Bait – If Your Bait Is Too Powerful, It Will Only Kill Foraging Pharaoh Ants While Leaving The Main Colony Unharmed. The Queen Will Simply Produce More Ants To Replace The Lost Foragers, And Your Ant Problem Will Remain Unaffected.
  • Make Sure The Bait Is Something The Pharaoh Ants Will Eat – The Best Baits Will Include Ingredients That The Ants Eat Naturally. Plants, Other Insects, Honeydew, And Nectar Are All Examples Of This.
  • Try A Few Different Types Of Bait – By Mixing It Up With Baits That Offer Different Food Sources, You Can Be Sure That The Pharaoh Ants Will Be Drawn To At Least One Of Them.

Borax kills Pharaoh ants, and it can be used to prepare DIY ant baits. It’s simple to make homemade ant baits by mixing borax with liquid sugar and placing it where the Pharaoh ants are foraging. Borax is not poisonous to humans, but it causes major digestive issues in ants, leading to their death.

Method 2: Spray Pesticides

Pharaoh ants are particularly problematic because they split their colonies and can create multiple nests inside your home. You might just be encouraging them to go to another part of your house after they detect that you’ve sprayed chemicals.

That implies pesticide spraying should be left to the experts. A professional exterminator will spray the whole perimeter of your property to inhibit any extra Pharaoh ants from attempting to enter the colony. Keep in mind, though, that spraying isn’t always the most efficient way to get rid of Pharaoh ants.

If your Pharaoh ant problem doesn’t seem to be going away anytime soon, this should be your last choice, but if the infestation is serious enough, it may be your only alternative. Try Hot Shot Ant Killer Plus Aerosol if you wish to utilize an ant spray; it will get rid of the Pharaoh ants right in front of your eyes.

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