How To Get Rid Of Large Black Ants Outside

Large Black Ants Called Carpenter Ants Get Their Name From The Way They Destroy The Wood That Makes Up Your House And Furnishings. While They Don’t Eat Wood Like Termites Do, They Chew And Excrete It To Create HolesĀ For Themselves And Their Thousands Of Members. Carpenter Ants Can Be Identified By The Appearance Of Random Mounds Of Particles That Resemble Wood Shavings. (Fun Fact: That Material Is Referred To As “Frass” By Insect Scientists.)

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It’s Not As Simple As Stomping On Any Ant You Come Across. Carpenter Ant Colonies, Like Other Ants, Begin With Scout Ants That Scour Your Home For The Finest Areas To Eat And Hang Out. Then, Once They’ve Found A Good Food Source, Their Buddies (The “Workers”) Follow The Trail And Make A Nest Close In Your Wall. If You’ve Seen A Few Stray Carpenters, You’ve Probably Found These Little Explorers. Here’s What You’ll Need To Do Next:

To Locate The Nest, Make A Bait. Setting Out A Bait For The Ants To Carry Back To The Nest, According To Pest Specialists, Will Allow You To Locate The Nest Simply By Watching Them. They’re Drawn To Sweets, So A Small Amount Of Jam Or Jelly Will Enough. Alternatively, You Can Combine Equal Parts Sugar And Baking Soda In A Shallow Dish. The Ants Will Be Drawn To The Sugar, But The Baking Soda Will Naturally Kill Them.

Scent Traces Should Be Eliminated. Pheromone Trails Are Used By Carpenter Ants To Find Food And Travel. You’ve Destroyed This Treasure Map To Your Home By Cleaning Surfaces Where Ants Have Walked. You Can Wipe Clean Surfaces With A Cotton Ball Soaked In Essential Oils Like Tea Tree, Lemon, Orange, Or Cedarwood To Stop These Trails. Alternatively, Mix One Part Dish Soap With Two Parts Water In A Spray Bottle. (After You’ve Found The Ants’ Nest, You Can Use This To Kill Them.) A 50/50 Combination Of White Vinegar And Water Could Also Be Used.

Deconstruct The Nest. You’ll Need To Go Into The Wall To Destroy It Once You’ve Found The Nest By Following Ants, Finding “Frass” Near A Wall, Or Hearing A Slight Rustling Sound. Drill 1/8″ Holes Every Six Inches In The Area Where You Suspect The Nest Is Located, According To Terminix. Then “Puff” Boric Acid Through The Pores With A Bulb Duster. (The Ants Will Be Killed By The Boric Acid.) It’s Possible That You’ll Have To Repeat Treatments Several Times To Completely Eliminate The Nest.

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