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Most Bizarre Products Amazon Has to Offer

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Since its inception in 1994 by Jeff Bezos, Amazon has grown to be a significant force in people’s lives. The online marketplace quickly grew, launching its own streaming and music platforms. There’s a reason it’s worth more than a trillion dollars. It is, in reality, an empire – and their goods aren’t all built the same way.

In reality, Amazon is a global marketplace full of unusual and colorful goods from suppliers all over the world. Have you ever wanted a hand squirrel or a bacon bandage? Maybe you didn’t know your life was incomplete without a wearable magic finger.?Don’t Worry   We’ve got your back.

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1. Potato Pal

What it is: A personalized photo potato
Brand: Potato Parcel
Average Price: $14.99*

When you are shopping for someone who deserves something unique and impressive, finding the right gift can be difficult. One company mixed a potato with a picture to create a brand new concept. After all, who wants another framed picture when they can have an edible one?

For $14.99, Potato Parcel will print a picture of your choice on a large spud. Even better, it ships in a gift package, so the lucky buyer would have no idea. You can get your hands on one of these on Amazon,


2. Gourmet Edible Insects from Oaxaca Mexico

What it is: Edible bugs
Brand: La Plazita
Average Price: $10

It’s no surprise that different countries consume different foods. Some Americans find it difficult to grasp why the British are obsessed with fried cod and chips. Similarly, Brits may be perplexed by the American obsession with peanut butter and jelly. However, there is certainly one thing to which everybody agrees: eating bugs is disgusting.

Almost everyone would avoid eating worms unless we were on a Netflix show with Bear Grylls. However, there is one company that makes a lot of money by selling “gourmet” bugs.


3. Dehydrated Water

What it is: A can full of nothing
Brand: Witty Yeti Store
Average Price: $12.91*

Amazon is a veritable treasure chest of valuable items. That is why it is such a leading company. Consumers can jump on and order anything they need with the click of a button – but with every useful product, there is a funny one to fit it.

It’s basically just an empty can with the label “Dehydrated Water – Just Add Water!” that costs $12.91. Surprisingly, customers have gone crazy for it, giving it  excellent reviews. Having said that, Coca-Smart Cola’s Water is probably not quaking in its boots.


4. Life-Size Huge Plush Teddy Bear – Unstuffed

What it is: A giant unstuffed teddy bear
Brand: Livingly Light
Average Price: $36.99*

Purchasing a huge teddy bear is something that most of us have done at some point in our lives, whether for a family member or for ourselves. When we pick them up from the supermarket or order them online, they are usually stuffed. Not in this situation.

Livingly Light is selling the shell of a giant teddy bear for $36.99. This unstuffed lifesize bear is huge, but is it really worth it unless you have a lot of extra padding lying around?


5. PUFF-N-FLUFF Dog Dryer

What it is: A dog hairdryer
Brand: Puff-n-Fluff
Average Price: $39.95*

When most dogs have encounters with a skunks, they won’t go into the water because they consider it too unsafe. Having a dog in the bath is one job, but getting them dry is an entirely different one. Although the Puff-N-N-Fl appears absurd, it is in fact quite clever.

The dog is placed inside the jacket, which zips up, and the tube is attached to a hairdryer. You’ll be able to dry the pup with little to no hassle this way. We can’t promise your dog will love it, but at the very least you’ll have some insanely funny Facebook pictures.


6. Umbrella Hat

What it is: A waterproof hat
Average Price: $20*

We’ve all had that moment when we’re trying to juggle an umbrella in the rain while holding bags. It’s a great example of how crazy life can be. Clearly, the situation upset AIFUSI to the point where they wanted to develop a hands-free solution.


Buyers may get an umbrella hat for about $20. It does just as it says on the tin, releasing a waterproof brim that, in principle, should keep you dry. This innovation has yet to take off and become a common fashion trend, but who knows. Maybe it’ll be on the shelf at Walmart soon.


7. One Person Sauna

What it is: A portable sauna
Brand: SereneLife
Average Price: $350*

Nothing beats taking a seat and relaxing in the sauna, but most of us have to do so with a group of strangers at the gym or spa. Your choices are restricted if you cannot afford to install a true sauna in your house. There is, however, such a thing as a portable home sauna.

It’s basically a huge bag that you fit into, zip up, and then pump full of hot steamy air. Furthermore, there is a slot for your head and an arm hole, so you can scroll away on your Apple iPhone to your heart’s content when working out. Buyers beware: this luxury will cost you at least more than $350.


8. Ostrich Travel Pillow

What it is: A travel pillow
Brand: Ostrich 
Average Price: $60*

Longer flights are bad for sleep, which is why a passenger’s personal item package includes a pillow. That isn’t to suggest that every travel pillow is destined for greatness. The cheap ones seem to lose their shape easily, so if you want to get a decent amount of rest and relaxation on a trip, you should consider his bad boy.

The Ostrich Travel Pillow is not like traditional travel pillows. It’s not for the faint of heart, with just one breathing hole and another for your hand. It’s also very big, so fellow passengers will not like it as much as you do when you’re huddled in economy class watching a Disney movie.


9. Comfycup Public Transportation Cup Holder

What it is: Cup holder for public places
Brand: ComfyCup
Average Price: $16.99*

Cars often have a cup holder for each seat, but if you use public transportation often, you’ve already noticed that you don’t have that option. After all, if you can find a seat on the subway, you’re lucky. The ComfyCup attempts to fully change the story by allowing passengers to comfortably place their cup no matter where they are.

If you’ve ever wanted to sit down and read the newspaper without having to juggle your Starbucks latte, this innovation is for you. It’s basically a clip that can be attached to train poles, bikes, and buses.


10. Meat Shredder Claws

What it is: Handheld meat shredding device
Brand: Mountain Grillers Store
Average Price: $15*

It’s no secret that perfecting a barbecue requires time and effort. It is not only essential to cook the meat to perfection, but also to serve it correctly. This is particularly valid for July 4th celebrations that involve pulled pork or shredded beef. If you’re sick of slicing brisket with a fork, this is the technique for you.

Meat claws are a basic yet charming innovation that helps the user to get a comfortable grip while shredding meat with the prongs. Consider Wolverine of the Grill. By all accounts, these guys are worth every penny, with several different brands selling them on Amazon for about $15.


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