1. Aloe Vera

You most likely have some aloe vera in your cabinets and use it if you or a loved one gets a sunburn. It is also used to heal minor skin abrasions. But aloe has so much more potential! Aloin and emodin, which serve as analgesics to relieve pain, are among the more than 75 potentially active ingredients. Aloe contains a number of anti-inflammatory substances as well.

Aloe can be used to relieve joint pain in a few different ways. The first is a traditional topical application that is massaged onto the problem areas. Look for aloe gel with the International Aloe Science Council’s certification. Few generic products are devoid of aloe vera or have had the active ingredients lost during manufacturing.

Second, you should buy an aloe supplement and take it orally. A capsule is convenient, but pure aloe vera juice, which has a mild taste and blends well in smoothies or shakes, is also available. Please consult your doctor before consuming aloe whether you are taking diabetic pills, stimulant laxatives, or diuretic medications.

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