laser hair removal cost and how it works

After getting sick of shaving and wax, you want to try laser hair removal, and you may be wondering how expensive is laser hair removal? Well, that depends on many factors that we will discuss in this article (click here if you want to go straight to laser hair removal cost). Here is some stuff that you need to know before!

1-What is laser hair removal? And how it works?

Laser hair removal has been around since the 1990s, but it has never been more common. And for good reason: it’s a fast and painless way to remove facial and body hair that needs almost no maintenance. Without diving into technical details, It’s simply a laser device that emits beams of intensely focused light into the hair follicles. The pigment in the follicles absorbs light, causing the hair to be destroyed.

So that’s being said it’s not that risky as you thought before! Even better you can do it at home with those amazing devices

2-What is the best laser hair removal?

office treatment may be expensive in the long run so using Laser Hair Removal Devices may save you some cash. but it can be time-consuming to treat larger portions of your body, like your legs.  

Laser-based and extreme pulse illumination, or IPL, are the two types of technologies used with these types of hair removal systems. The biggest distinction between these devices, according to Dr, is the light they emit—lasers emit one wavelength, while IPL devices emit several wavelengths. When it comes to at-home tools, it seems, IPL is much more likely to be used. A less famous technique is electrolysis hair removal that uses chemical or heats energy to remove the hair’s growth core.

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3- How much is laser hair removal?

It depend basically in country you live in and which part you want to remove hair from? Is it Full body? Face ? Legs?…so lets compare how expensive is laser hair removal for every part

How much is full body laser hair removal?

On average, full-body laser hair removal costs between $2500 and $3000. The price is determined by the amount of hair on the body and the number of therapy sessions needed. The cost is greatly decreased if bigger parts of the body, such as the back, do not need laser therapy.

Laser hair removal cost for bikini, legs, face and armpits.

The table below shows the average high and low costs of laser hair removal for various body parts.

Area of body Low cost High cost
Face and neck $600 $900
Arms $350 $500
Bikini area $350 $500
Lower legs $600 $850
Back $600 $900
Chest $350 $600
Table 1 Source: DocShop.com

4- How many laser hair removal treatments

2 to 6 laser hair removing sessions are normally needed. The time between procedures can differ based on where you are. The process can be done every 4 to 8 weeks on areas where hair develops rapidly, such as the upper lip.

5-How long does laser hair removal last

Laser hair removal can last for at least two years after you’ve done all of your treatments; however, maintenance sessions will be required to maintain the area hair-free permanently.


The initial cost of laser hair removal is comparatively high. But, before you start, make sure you know how much the operation will cost.

Many considering the therapy should estimate for several hundred dollars a session and several thousand dollars in total. Payments can also be spread out since treatments are spaced out.

Customers can save money by paying for multiple appointments at once or opting for therapy on multiple parts of the body at certain places.

When compared to the cost of other hair removal procedures over time, laser hair removal is reasonable. The technique is unique in that it results in permanent hair loss. If you have time and want to save some money, you do it at home using devices from a trusted company like Silkn.

if you are not ready yet here is a wonderful video on how to make hair removal wax :


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