Review black and decker crisp n bake air fryer

Today we are doing a review black and decker crisp n bake air fryer. I use it every day especially for my after-work meals or after a shower, it’s just been a lifesaver. It does not heat up the house, I love it it’s really quiet compared to other toasters that I’ve owned and it’s just it works really well, it does everything you need with no issues.

So, let’s go straight to the pros and cons :

Pro number 1

To save space, I wanted an all-in-one to replace the toaster, I wanted the air fryer and something to use instead of using the oven, and I’ve pretty much accomplished it with this. I’m really happy with the size of the unit and its capabilities,

Pro number 2 :

 I know a lot of people struggle as far as sizing goes, what they can fit in there, and it’s like you buy something you think is gonna be big enough, and then when you get to use it, you find out it’s not this one. I haven’t run into that problem, I mean I can’t cook like a turkey in there, but for my day-to-day stuff and even like some large weekend meals it works really well.

It’s very tall and deep, so I’ve actually fit pizzas, you can get a 12-inch one in there, and I’ve cooked a whole chicken a few times, comes out really nice. It’s like baking it in the oven which is very versatile. That’s a definite plus!

 Pro number 3 :

Black and decker crisp and bake convection air fryer is really straightforward easy to use, with some functions that make your life seem a little bit easier like preset for the type of food you’re cooking. For example, if you’re toasting bread: the amount of time you want, and the temperature… everything is customizable.

They do give you a cookbook with some recipes and cooking time suggestions, which I highly recommend you check out.

 Pro number 4 :

 While it’s functioning, the oven is pretty quiet, the fan is not loud!

Now let’s get into some of the cons there’s always some nothing’s perfect.

Con number 1 :

The length and placement of the cord could be a concern for some people. I had just one spot in the kitchen that might match, and while I appreciate that they need to keep the cord short for safety purposes, sometimes I just need an extra inch or two! The cord comes from the right side of the oven and, according to the website, measures 24 inches (0.61 m),

 Con number 2 :

 Beeps sound is quite loud! If you’re cooking at times when everybody sleeping, this might be annoying, I don’t know if there’s a way to turn it off.

If the bedroom is close to the kitchen, then that might be an issue for you.

If you are on a function where there is preheating, then once it’s done preheating it’ll beep 3 times. And again, when it’s done. So, it can be a lot of beeping, it’s just very annoying.

 Con number 3 :

Even though this is a multi-function unit, I would not recommend this to anybody who’s looking for something that is just an air fryer. Because due to the size I have to worry about the coils on the bottom, if I put the air fry basket on the top, I have to put something below it to catch any of the drippings from like chicken tenders. And it’s kind of stops the airflow on the bottom which defeats the purpose a little bit.

I’m still stuck flipping, even though there is great ventilation in that air fry basket. And kind of keeps me limited to putting the air fry basket on the top level, so if I wanted to cook clearly on the lower level there isn’t much of a distance.

 The food does come out really crispy, and it does have that air fried quality to it. But I just thought to be a little annoying.

Con number 4 :

 It is not easy to keep clean the inside. I have tried my best but one little scratch or one little stain drives me nuts

Overall, would I recommend black and decker crisp and bake convection air fryer, if you are looking for a multifunction unit, and you don’t mind compromising on certain features as far as like air frying goes.

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If you’re looking to replace your full-size oven, I don’t think you ever really can, but for the most part and maybe.

At the end of the day, I’m a huge fan of anything that inspires and motivates people to cook at home instead of eating out and wasting their money.

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