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 Silk’n sensepil laser is it’s an at-home laser hair removal treatment product. It’s not like a top coat cream or anything! It’s an actual laser system that you use at home for laser hair removal.

Silk'n Not Shaven

I bought silk’n sensepil at amazon about 5 years ago when it first came out, I’ve been using it for several years, and I really like it

It’s definitely cost-effective and if you’ve ever paid for professional laser hair treatments this is definitely the more inexpensive option.

Silk’n sensepil how to use

Silk'n SensEpil Hair Removal Device & FREE Trim - Pink

Lets talk about how to use silk’n sensepil, first thing to keep in mind that you do have to keep it charged or plugged in for the whole process.

Have the options to raise or lower the strength level, if your pain threshold is a little bit low you can do it on the first setting, or if you want maximum effectiveness like I do you can do up to level 5.

You press it to your skin and when you click the little button, it creates a pulse with the light against your skin and you’ll feel almost kind of like a rubber band, just like if you’ve ever had any kind of laser treatment before it’s similar. then you move on to the next section .for more info read silk’n sensepil instructions

Does silk’n sensepil work?

It does actually work and that’s a pro, but you do have to maintain it just like professional hair removal services, there really is no such thing as permanent, the goal of it it’s to minimize having to shave.


The replacement cartridges are $45 but I know that when you initially buy it, they give you the option that you get like four cartridges. I’ve really only replaced the cartridge maybe like three or four times and I’ve had it for almost 5 years every cartridge is supposed to be good for 750 pulses. (click here for silk’n sensepil cartridge coupon)

The cons depending on you, silk’n sensepil laser can be a little painful, it get hot even though there’s a built-in fan so you have to take like two or three-minute break! It is time-consuming.

Another con is not appropriate for all skin tones, if you really dark ebony types skin tone. Then laser hair removal is unfortunately not designed for you, because it looks for the melanin in your skin or in the hair follicle to sort of blast it away if you have dark skin you’re gonna get upper because it can’t distinguish between the color of your skin and the color of the hair.

Sometimes I find that even if I’m in a good bathroom, or in the middle of the day and sitting in kind shadowy area or doing areas that are not well light, it tells me that the skin tone is too dark! So you need to reset it to overcome that error

So overall I would say I definitely recommend this. And a big reason I silk’n sensepil ipl is that since I started using it, I almost never get in grows on my bikini line anymore like ever.

Finnaly I hope you found my article helpful and if you like it, Purchase Silk’n sensepil Online Now

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