silk’n jewel xl 150.000 review

We all know how much I love silk’n and how much I’ve enjoyed using their products over the year, I write ipl silk’n jewel jw15pe3001 review and other articles.

Over the last years, Silk’n has created so many more, they’ve created a compact flash and go and they’ve created the silk’n jewel 100.000 pulses and more products…

Without further delay let’s talk about silk’n jewel xl 150.000 review.

silk’n jewel hair removal device

The reason why I wanted silk’n jewel hair removal device is that, its automatic. you just put it to the face or underarm and glide it along. it will actually do the pulses for you, and it never runs out.so no need for silk’n jewel cartridge

Remember after months or years, you get random black hair, that does not mean that the machine did not work it just means that the hair cycle was missed, just go back to it and do it.

silk’n jewel how to use

 Start at the very lowest level and then you are ready to go (watch the video)


You’re probably going to smell burnt hair it’s okay, and you have to make sure that you shave first. do not wax. because in order for this to work it actually needs the bulb at the base of the hair follicle, the light therapy attacks the melanin and causes the root of the hair to explode on itself and then it will pop out.so don’t panic if you get a couple of extra pimples

If you have tattoos on your arms you should be careful, or do electrolysis and have them go in hair by hair.

The Jewel is a definite upgrade from the flash and go standard, and if you can afford it it’s two hundred and eighty-five dollars, I would definitely suggest buying it. It will make hair removal therapy so much faster and so much more convenient

You can get it from the website here: USA/CANADA

Silk’n products like silk’n jewel hair removal device are great, you know to be at home and do your hair removal all by yourself in a short period of time. It’s a blessing (you can do arms and face in 20minute)

If you can afford it buy from the website, the reason why its because Silk’n has an amazing money-back guarantee with all of their products, if it’s not working contact their customer service and they will get back to you as soon as possible and help you with your product.

Or if you prefer amazon Click Here

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