silk’n blue acne review

I’m kind of been subject to acne for over 10 years now, hitting all over my mouth in my jawline also in my forehead, in the centers of my cheeks, it was really random all over the place.

 There was at least one or two popping up every day, so I never really had a clear day up with my skin, I tried all kinds of acne treatments and finally found something that kind of worked for me.

We’ll get into silk’n blue acne review a little later. but first, I just want to talk about the recipe to make acne, because you can actually make it with 3 ingredients:

  1. The P acnes bacteria: we have this all over our face, all over the bodies.
  2.  Oil production: that’s basically your oil glands are secreting sebum and for a lot of people, you can be incredibly oily.
  3.  Poor cellular exfoliation:  basically, what that means, is your skin just gets clogged very easily with its own dead skin cells.

You mix all 3 of these together, the dead skin cells and the oil with the acne bacteria clogged and you get breakouts.

Silk’n blue acne treatment

Let’s back to silk’n blue acne treatment that I got from a family member right around Christmas, the silk’n blue acne device, it’s using LED blue light technology which is really effective.

In the past, I’ve been a big fan of the tanda for a few years. But now I find silk’n blue acne treatment works fantastically and effective when the acne is just coming to the surface.

You hold silk’n blue acne device onto the skin for 3-minute sessions for each area of the face. as you’re going along to over 3 minutes in the place, it gets hot 41 degrees or 106 degrees Fahrenheit to kill the bacteria under the skin and prevent spreading.


I use this pretty exclusively for a month to test it up, and it worked well for clearing my acne. it left my skin feeling a little more comfortable and hydrated, instead of harsh acne treatments that typically dry out my skin.

Silk’n blue acne device pros it does really work, not like other promotional videos from a company with a little machine going on in the skin going over a little bump and then reducing the redness of a bump, theoretically reducing acne.

The one con that I found is it takes so much time to use this silk’n blue acne device. if you’re doing it for three minutes you’ve only ten places to treat that’s 30 minutes for 10 areas on your face so that’s a huge investment of time.

But overall, I do recommend it and you can check here more details: CANADAUSA

Thank you very much, have a beautiful day

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