life extension 2 per day review

Hello, today I’m going to write a life extension two per day capsules review, this little product it’s from life extension and it’s called two per day tablets.

Nowadays people are being exposed to toxins, we have chronic low-grade stress. We’re not spending enough time in nature. Our foods are degrading in nutritional content, and all of these factors combined to increase our nutritional needs, so that’s why we need supplements. As the vast majority of health experts will agree with me on this.  

Life extension 2 a day multi it’s a high potency multivitamin and mineral supplements. There are 120 tablets. You take two tablets per day, so it will last about 2 months and you only pay 18$ for this, basically, it’s so cheap.

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Life extension 2 per day review :

The things I like about this supplement in specific is that:

1-they use one sufficiently high dosage (a lot of multivitamins are using low dosages), because the more stress your body experiences, the more nutrients your body requires.

2-they also pay attention to the forms. Specifically:

  • The vitamin C, they use sorbic acid, also calcium ascorbate, and niacinamide ascorbate. With sufficiently high dosages 500 milligrams.
  • The D3-5 2000 international units which is not bad. We need in between one thousand and ten thousand every single day, especially if you have winter times and you’re not going outside every single day. Or you have an office job and you tend to be most of the time inside your home. You definitely need 5-D3.
  • The vitamin E it’s okay then B1 sufficiently high dosage and B2, they use both river flavin, which is the inactive form your body has to activate. It but they also use ribbon flavin five phosphate which is the already active form, so your body has an easier job to absorb it.
  • Same goes for the 5 and b6 they use the act from a folate, they use the active vitamin 5 and B12.

3-Also, a pretty decent dosage of zinc twenty-five milligrams. Selenium 200 micrograms, manganese chromium 200 micrograms which is pretty good.

4-they add natural mixed tocopherols, which is like a different mix of all kinds of vitamin E, that you would find in natural foods, such as avocado…+ twenty milligrams of natural mixed vitamin E which is also a decent amount.

5-The last one is boron which is a mineral three milligrams.

We are really living in pretty hectic circumstances our bodies are bombarded with a lot of stressors. Every day we’re all infected with toxins just by the air we breathe in the water we drink. The toxins in the food all the pesticides.

For all these reasons out, this is definitely a good supplement to buy to prevent nutritional deficiencies over a lifetime. And keep yourself safe from chronic illness down the road, because if you start now and you’re still young you can prevent illness from manifesting in the long run.

If you would take life extension 2 a day multi for the rest of your life you would probably prevent nutritional deficiencies, especially in the B vitamins and nearly all the vitamins. Except for certain minerals such as manganese and magnesium. You need to use other supplements to combine with life extension 2 per day, such as life extension magnesium caps 500 mg 100 veggie caps(Order Here).

If you combine these two you’ve got all the vitamins and you got all the minerals providing you with nearly all the nutrients your body requires on a day to day basis to function, including your brain. For optimal function optimal performance, you will be noticing increases in energy. Thank you for reading my life extension 2 per day capsules review, hope it was helpful.

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