bellalite by silk’n professional hair removal.

UPDATE 2020: A new version is available now visit the Flash&Go Express Permanent Hair Removal Device

I was planning to get hair removal professionally done for probably about a year for my underarms every three to six weeks, the results are slower growth of the hair but I still need to shave just less frequently, I also saw that the hair growth dinner every time, but I figured at some point that I would need to keep going for at least another year to completely remove everything which made me decide to buy bellalite by silk’n professional hair removal.

bellalite by silk'n professional hair removal.

I’ve also been thinking about doing my bikini line for a while, I usually either wax at home which is always painful or go to a salon which is more expensive professionally. so here is my personal opinion after using the product and also through reading other bellalite by silk’n reviews in other websites like forums and amazon

Overview of the BellaLite by Silk’n

It comes with a 1 pre-installed light lamp cartridge and two other cartridges and each of these cartridges allow for 750 flashes each for a total of 2,250 flashes (I use the word flashes because every time you click, it releases a very bright flash)

The product has five settings (five levels of flashes), when turning it on for the very first time I always choose the lowest setting. and as a safety mechanism the bellalite is actually preset to the lowest setting for the first fifty flashes and the next 200 flashes at level three. You can read bellalite by silk’n user manual for more (just to give you an idea the higher the setting the stronger the pulse to your hair follicles and the more effect you’re going to get on hair removal).

Also, the the bellalite by silk’n professional hair removal actually has a built-in fan to cool off the lamp after every flash because it does really heat.

It has also a sensor that detects the skin tone or the color of your skin tone.

how to use bellalite hair removal


You’re supposed to press it very closely against your skin and you’ll see the flash, you can’t miss it and then you actually have to wait for a beep which only takes one or two seconds till you know the bellalite is ready again for the next area.

 It’s recommended that you only treat each area once, if you repeat it leave a little bit of an indentation, so you know where you last left and then go to the next to the next area.

It’s also advice that you shave prior to each treatment for more effective results, and the area should be clean and free of deodorants or powders

I do recommend that you wear sunglasses when you use this machine because the light is very bright and I just can’t imagine how it could not damage your eyes ! you should also relax because the more you tense up the more you’ll feel slight pain, there’s also been times I didn’t feel anything and you can actually smell it a little bit because it’s basically like burning your hair but it’s only temporary and quick.

the results of bellalite by silk’n hair removal

I’ve used it for about 7 months now, religiously every three to four weeks focusing primarily in the bikini area after the first 3 treatments I didn’t see much other than some of the hair falling out. but at the 4th treatment where I really saw some changes!

the first two treatments I did use the lowest setting then I skipped to level 3 of the third treatment, it didn’t hurt much for me and I know everyone has a different level or tolerance of pain.

 At the fourth treatment, I was already at level five, and I’ve been keeping it there ever since.

 Hair is not completely gone but overall, I’m really pleased with the results so far,

If you’re like me is that only eyebrows eyelashes and hair on your scalp are the only hair you should have, I definitely think this machine is worth it.

I’m going to continue using it. because I want the hair completely gone, and the convenience and privacy of being able to do it yourself is really good.

The bellalite by silk’n cartridges are not cheap but it really does beat the cost of going to a professional. I think the results are a little slower but still worth it.

 for all those reasons I do plan on buying more cartridges to do other areas like my legs which aren’t that hairy but they do have a larger surface area so it’ll be useful.

 Finally, I hope you like my bellalite by silk’n reviews and if you want to buy it click here.

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