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BOB Books Reading Levels (NEW Lexile levels)


teaching reading with bob books

TitleFountas & PinnellLexileStructureSyntacticSemanticDecoding
Bob 1:01 Mat A-901111
Bob 1:02 Sam A-401111
Bob 1:03 Dot B401111
Bob 1:04 Mac B202111
Bob 1:05 Dot and Mit B04211
Bob 1:06 Dot and the Dog C402211
Bob 1:07 Jig and Mag C-103121
Bob 1:08 Muff and Ruff C2305361
Bob 1:09 10 Cut-Ups B1105161
Bob 1:10 Peg and Ted B205211
Bob 1:11 Lad and the Fat Cat B1105221
Bob 1:12 The Vet C1205231
Bob 2:01 Fun in the SunC1404311
Bob 2:02 Up, Pup!E306161
Bob 2:03 Pip and PogD1005221
Bob 2:04 Bow-Wow!D1304121
Bob 2:05 The Big HatC404211
Bob 2:06 Sox the FoxD1404311
Bob 2:07 OK, KidsD1405221
Bob 2:08 Rub-a-DubD1303221
Bob 2:09 Go, BusC903211
Bob 2:10 The Red Hen C1204211
Bob 2:11 The Sad CatC802211
Bob 2:12 0 to 10D1208251
Bob 3:01 Floppy Mop D1605221
Bob 3:02 Lolly Pops E1904255
Bob 3:03 Frogs E2206312
Bob 3:04 The Red CarE2105342
Bob 3:05 Summer D1704311
Bob 3:06 Kittens F1905421
Bob 3:07 Funny BunnyF3106362
Bob 3:08 Bed Bugs F2006322
Bob 4:01 Ten MenE1204221
Bob 4:02 Bump! F10012710
Bob 4:03 Cat and Mouse F1105222
Bob 4:04 The Swimmers G2805431
Bob 4:05 Samantha G2706425
Bob 4:06 Willy’s Wish G3206423
Bob 4:07 Jumper and the Clown F3206424
Bob 4:08 Max and the Tom Cats G3807643
Bob 5:01 The Game G2305342
Bob 5:02 Joe’s Toe G3506363
Bob 5:03 Bud’s Nap G2704334
Bob 5:04 The Picnic H3206343
Bob 5:05 The Train H4708653
Bob 5:06 The Visit I3908454
Bob 5:07 Chickens G3304545
Bob 5:08 The King I4107662

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This new information will make it much easier for me to pre-screen books to find skill appropriate decodable books for our daughter until she’s confident enough that she starts tackling any book she wants to read.



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