Step 1: Decide Where To Cut

Because my hair has some… personality… I cut it dry.  If I cut it wet, I’m bound to have one or two surprises when my hair dries.

But, scissors seem to cut wet hair much easier.  So, try both?

Brush your hair forward and give yourself a unicorn ponytail right in the middle of your forehead at your hairline.

cut your own hair ponytail method

Measure where you want to cut.  If you want layers to frame your face starting around the nose mark, don’t chop off your hair at your nose.  You’ll end up with layers starting around your eyebrows.  Instead, move your hair to the side and hold it where it’s level with your nose.

cut your hair at home

The length you need to get layers starting around your nose will probably mean cutting around your mouth.

The point is to mark how long you want your layers to be in the spot you want them to be.  Don’t worry, it will work with shorter layers or longer layers too.

If you’re trying this for the first time, err on the side of longer.  You can always cut more off

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